Blogging in Scholarly Context

LOOK. Blogging is fun and easy, and it is highly functional in academia. 

  • Academics organise courses using blogs.
  • Researchers assemble their materials on blogs and share their thoughts with one another.
  • Creative writers document their creative process in blogs and increase their publicity.
  • Students post their works and ideas on blogs.

I’ve collected a list of blog examples on the right column of this page.


Here I have little corporate video to give you a overview of blogging.

In this Blogging training …


At the end of this 3-hour session, you will be able to:

  • set up a teaching blog of your own
  • create as many blogs as you like in the future
  • use other blogging engines


We will walk through the essentials in – a hugely popular blogging engine. We’ll do the following tasks together:

  • set up a blog – give your blog a name and address
  • take a look at the Dashboard – the backstage of your blog
  • publish some blog posts – add images, videos and hyperlinks
  • structure your blog – add pages and widgets

This blog will be your guideline throughout this training, so don’t worry about jotting down everything, you can always come back to this site!

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