Let’s write more blog posts, shall we?

We didn’t go through the middle section of the dashboard: Posts, Media, Links, Pages, Comments and Feedback



TASK 1  Post Plain Text

1. Click on All Post – there should be a post that you have done earlier on

2. Click Add New – it’s similar to writing an email; type a title and some content

  • format it using the tool bar on top just like in Word Documents

3. Click Preview – a new window will open to show you your site with the new post on

4. Go back to the Dashboard window – here you have a few choices of action:

  • Save Draft
  • Move to Trash
  • Publish

5. Click Publish – your site will appears with a message “You published your 2nd post on this blog” on the left column.

  • here you can edit your post
  • share your post on other social media
  • add tags

6. Click New Post


TASK 2 Insert Images

1. Type something into your title and content slots just like in Task 1.

2. Click Add Media on top – an Insert Media window pops up. There are 2 ways to insert images:

  • Upload files; click Select file to choose an image you have in your computer, then click Insert into post
  • Insert from URL; do a Google Image search for your favourite image –> right click –> copy image URL/ copy image address –> paste the URL into the slot and click Insert into post

3. If you click on the inserted image in your content box, you can edit it:

  • click on the top left icon on your image
  • adjust the size, alignment, add caption

4. Click Preview just to check – your new post appears in the new window

5. Happy with it? Click Publish on you Dashboard.


TASK 3 Create Image Gallery

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1. Click New Post, fill the title and content space

2. Click Add Media, Click Select files (in the middle) to upload 3 to 4 images into your Media Library

3. Click Create Gallery, select 3 to 4 images, click Create new gallery (bottom right corner)

4. Add captions if you want, set the order and experiment with the format on the right column

  • Attachment Page: sets a special pop-up page in your blog that display your image in your selected theme.
  • Media File: a direct link to the full-size uploaded image

5. Click Insert Gallery (bottom right corner)

6. Click Preview

7. Nice? Then Publish!


TASK 4 Insert Video

1. Click New post; type a title and some content

2. Open a new window and go to Youtube

3. Search for your favourite video, then copy the URL

4. Go back to your Dashboard, click Add Media.

5. Click Insert from URL and paste the URL in.

6. Click Insert to post 

7. Preview and Publish


TASK 5 Hyperlink

1. Open New Post, put a title and some content

2. Open a new window, go to your favourite webpage and copy the URL

3. Go back to Dashboard and highlight a word in word or phrase in your post content

4. Click the Link icon on top

  • paste the URL in for external link (and tick the box for open in new window), or
  • choose link to existing content for internal link

5. Click Add Link.

6. Preview and test your link

7. Publish 


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