Set Up

So let’s get started! 


The first step to setting up a blog is to sign up for an account.

1. Go to 

2. Click Get Started.

3. Put in your Email Address (for logging onto your account later).

4. Create a User Name and Password (also for logging onto your account later).

5. Create a Blog Address – this one needs a bit of patience as most groovy addresses are taken.

  • Try different combinations of your favourite words so as to find an available address.
  • It is FREE to open a blog with in the URL; there are annual charges for other domain names such as .me/ .com/ .net/ .org
  • WordPress also offer upgrade packages – you can choose to upgrade anytime so don’t have to decide now.

6. When you are done, click Create Blog.

7. Complete your registration by clicking Activate Blog in your email – that takes you to a step-by-step procedure to continue setting up your blog.


1. Create a Blog Title, Tagline and select Language.

2. Click Next Step.


1. Choose a Theme – some are free, some are not, but you can always change your mind.

2. Click on Customize it – it automatically takes you to STEP THREE where you see the site you have just created.

3. It says Nothing Found. Don’t panic! That’s because you haven’t posted anything on your site yet.

4. Move your cursor to the right column where it says Customize Your Blog.

– Here you can change the Colour, Header, Background image, Front page, Custom Design and Site Title.

– Snapshots and Custom Design are mostly for upgraded members only.

5. When you’re done customising, click Save.


1. Create Your First Post – here is your chance to experiment writing on your blog.

2. Choose Text, type something in the Title and Content slots, and then hit Publish.

3. It takes you to Welcome to your Dashboard! page – you see a Reader Stream which you will see every time you log onto your account.

4. Click Done.

5. Click My Blog on the top bar – now you are entering your blog’s Dashboard (think about it as the control panel or the backstage of your site).

6. On the right you can see your blog title and under it you see 1 post and 1 page.

7. If you click on your blog title, you see your blog site with your first post on it.

Now we all have a blog! 

Good Job!


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